Service Times Our service starts at 10:00 a.m.

Our church year We meet regularly from the first Sunday after Labor Day until the last Sunday before Memorial Day, with more casual gatherings during the summer.

Dress Dress so that you are comfortable. Do you like dressing up for church? That’s fine. Would you rather wear jeans? That’s fine as well. Most of us tend to dress casually.

Worship Style We sit on chairs in a circle, so that we can see and hear each other during the service. Our service includes hymns, readings, a brief time for meditation and usually a speaker. Topics are selected by the members. We have a vast range of spiritual outlooks and interests, so there is a lot of variety in our topics.

Joys and Concerns Each week, we have time for people to share the things that are bringing joy to their lives, as well as issues of concern. We bring our whole selves to the service, and make room to celebrate or mourn–and sometimes both!

Have Questions? Is there anything you were wondering that wasn’t addressed here? Contact us.