1. We come to Groveland from various religious backgrounds and we welcome religious diversity. We affirm the worth of all people, honoring different opinions. We respect the interdependence of all things.
  2. Because we are small, we are growing organically and can respond to the interest and needs of individuals within the community.
  3. Our language is inclusive as is our vision. We believe religious wisdom is ever changing and we celebrate the unfolding of religious truths. While we profess no dogmatic creed, we do believe in the goodness of life and the overwhelming motive force of love which governs our lives and humanity.
  4. We are open and willing to question and live with the ambiguity of life. We accept and honor the mystery and individuals are encouraged to deepen their own personal theologies.
  5. We believe in a democratic process and profess our ongoing commitment to that process with a strong tradition of self- government. .
  6. As a denomination, Unitarianism has a long history of having fought for racial, social and economic justice. Our community is mindful of our history and we work to stay connected to our heritage.
  7. We believe there is a spark of the divine in each and every person and that answers to questions, to have real and lasting effect, must come from within a person, not from outside.